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We offer the reader issues of Global Commons Review, a new magazine published by the Paulo Freire Institute-UCLA and produced by the UNESCO-UCLA Chair on Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education.

We want to stress the importance of Global Citizenship Education and feature what we believe to be its manifold implications and applications for formal, informal and non-formal education. We believe this will help policy makers; government officials; academics; communities and institutions navigate its ever-shifting tides and currents.

Global Commons Review will offer intellectual and political insights on how to nourish them by identifying best practices and offering sensible, policy-oriented recommendations and programs. We will bring perspectives from different parts of the planet, report on new projects advancing the cause of Global Citizenship Education focus on 'hot' issues that deserve specific attention as well as policies of interest for the future of a global commons.

Global Commons Review will be published online twice a year and once a year in print.


Global Commons Review
UNESCO UCLA Chair on Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Paulo Freire Institute-UCLA

Carlos Alberto Torres, Distinguished Professor and UNESCO Chair on Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education

Associate Editors
Henrique Magalhães | Ana Elvira Steinbach Torres

Editorial Assistant
Debbie Shin

Editorial Board
Aly Juma | Ana Elvira Steinbach Torres | Carlos Alberto Torres | ChenWei Chang | Chitra Golestani | Daniel Schugurensky | Greg Misiaszek |  Henrique Magalhães | Jason Dorio | Johanna Drucker | Lauren Ila Misiaszek | Liangwen Kuo | N’Dri Assié-Lumumba

ISSN 2475-6687 (Print)
ISSN 2475-6695 (Online)

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ISSN 2475-6687 (Print)
ISSN 2475-6695 (Online)
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